Washroom & Hygiene Services

To ensure your facilities are always fresh and hygienic, ACS Property Services can provide you with the latest range of hygiene services which we can manage for you.

While good hygiene has always been part of everyday work and living, the advent of Covid has meant maintaining a clean, hygienic environment has assumed vital importance.

You can rely on ACS Property Services to work with our own trusted partners to tailor a hygiene solution to meet your needs.

Using the latest sustainable technology, we can offer you a range of services that include air fresheners, sanitisers, soap dispensers, sanitary bins, urinal mats, deep urinal cleans, and sharps and hazardous waste removal.

Whatever your needs are, at ACS Property Services we can implement the latest in Innovation of Technology Servicing Units incorporating foot-traffic monitoring devices.

This allows us to service accordingly and ensure ample supply of consumables.

These devices are suitable in high traffic areas and importantly means no ‘noise’ from your customers.

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