Your workplace safety is a major priority for ACS Property Services, as we continue to be proactive and help businesses, schools, government and healthcare facilities keep their premises, clean, disinfected, secure.

During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we have been working tirelessly to help keep our clients and our communities
as safe as they can be.

Our TGA approved technology sanitises and protects surfaces
for 30 days, which means we can provide you and your staff with a safe, hygienic work environment. Based on proven nanotechnology, this method kills 99.99% of a wide array of viruses (including Coronavirus), bacteria, and fungi.

Being 99% water based, this non-toxic, environmentally safe defence layer first kills, and then sanitises by providing 24-hour hand protection and 30-day surface protection, with only one application.

With the prevalence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Australia, our customers now rely on our government compliant expertise to deliver highly effective solutions that help mitigate any potential spread of the virus while keeping you safe.

  • Fogging

    ACs strongly recommend the proven nano technology of our First Defence Zoono® which kills 99.99% of a wide array of viruses (including Coronavirus), bacteria, and fungi.

  • Deep Cleaning

    ACS provide expert Covid measures including a Deep Clean across all buildings and facilities when needed.

  • Hand Sanitiser

    ACS can install and supply hand sanitiser for your workplace, including bathrooms, reception and kitchen areas.

  • Sanitiser stands

    ACS can also hand sanitiser stands for foyers and shared spaces.

  • Masks

    While mandatory mask wearing is gone, it’s wise to be prepared in the workplace as there are always circumstances where they will be needed. ACS can bulk supply face masks, both disposable and fabric, that meet all industry hygiene standards.

  • Temperature reading

    Temperature Readings involve using a non-contact handheld infrared thermometer for fever screening to check, measure and monitor your staff’s temperature.

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