When it comes to your staff’s health, put your business in safe hands.

20 September 2022

As we move through Spring, the months ahead still present the risk of flu and other germs as a constant threat to health and safety in the workplace.

Just as winter saw a rise in both Covid and flu cases throughout Australia, it is still prudent for all businesses to be vigilant in maintaining clean and hygienic work environments to combat the worry of sickness amongst their staff, their clients and their local communities.

This makes choosing the right Property Services provider of the upmost importance.

You need a partner you can trust to not only provide expert protective measures such as a routine cleaning and maintenance, Spring and deep cleaning, but also the essential services, supplies and equipment you need on an ongoing basis to keep your workplace and your staff safe.

You need a partner like ACS Property Services, who works with you to provide the highest levels of protection for your business.

As ACS Property Services Managing Director, Lewis Igini says: “Our specialised teams have the expertise and professionalism to work with you and ensure you raise the level of your workplace cleanliness. Our aim is to  give you support and peace of mind at all times.”

Let’s start with a Deep Clean

Beyond the prevention of covid, we need to protect our employees from the everyday germs and illness. There is no more thorough or better way to ensure your workplace is totally clean and sanitised than a Deep Clean.

Essentially it involves disinfecting as well as sanitising all surfaces of your work environment that are susceptible to touching, focusing on frequently touched surfaces and accessible spaces..

This means your workplace undergoes a complete and thorough cleaning process to remove all bacteria and germs as well as any visible dirt.

It also includes all those little nooks and crannies like bookshelves or blinds, which aren’t often used, but can still harbour nasty germs.

A Deep Clean can call for specialised cleaning services, such as for carpet steam cleaning  or external windows washed on top of preventative disinfection cleaning through the introduction of additional day cleaning services.

ACS Property Services can provide a most comprehensive and professional Deep Clean service, with superior training and equipment to regular cleaners.

Our list of services goes deeper

At the end of the day, your safety is our priority, and our full suite of preventative and reactive infection control services can give you total peace of mind.

These include Temperature Readings where we use a non-contact handheld infrared thermometer for fever screening to check, measure and monitor your staff’s temperature.

We can also install and supply hand sanitiser for your workplace, including bathrooms, reception and kitchen areas including hand sanitiser stands for foyers and shared spaces.

While mandatory mask wearing is gone, it’s wise to be prepared in the workplace as there may be circumstances where they will be needed. So we bulk supply face masks, both disposable and fabric, that meet all industry hygiene standards.

You may also consider using a surface sanitiser as an ongoing protective measure in your workplace.

ACS has product options that include non-toxic, environmentally safe defence layers which kill, and then sanitise. With a complete understanding of your business needs, ACS can provide you with recommendations that will help to deliver the appropriate level of sanitation to your workspace.

Put yourself in safe hands

Looking to the future, it’s easy to see the health and workplace benefits of protecting your business and your staff against the threat of Covid, flu and other hygiene related health risks.

Partnering with ACS Property Services provides a simple solution to a complex problem by providing the cutting-edge expertise and services to safeguard your business in the years ahead.

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