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06 December 2022

In today’s working world, being a good corporate citizen and having the right social and environmental governance in place is more important than ever.

It’s generally accepted, a ‘green’ focus with a robust waste management program and environmental initiatives in place which reduce your carbon footprint is vital for any organisation.

However, if you’re to be a successful organisation today, you need to take a responsible approach across all aspects of your business, and not just have a ‘green focus’.

At ACS Property Services, we’re proud of the fact we have a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance Program (ESG) in place to ensure we create a sustainable future in all areas of our company.

By introducing many positive governance initiatives including social, economic, cultural, financial and environmental sustainability, we’ve shown a strong determination and clear focus on becoming an industry leader and socially responsible organisation.

Employing a socially sustainable approach

Being socially sustainable requires a proactive approach to identifying and managing the way your organisation’s actions impact on employees, customers and local communities.

At ACS Property Services, we continuously seek out innovative and sustainable ways to be better and do better for our business, and our partners’.

Our company culture is very much shaped by our commitment to a ‘one team, one family’ philosophy.

In line with our Responsible Employment Strategy and clear Recruitment Guidelines, we target and attract a diverse workforce.

We’re then able to introduce them into a culturally accepting and safe work environment, to become part of our one inclusive team.

This is supported by our strict employment policies including a Code of Ethics, Equal Opportunity Policy, Gender Equality Action Plan, Anti-bullying Policy, Sexual Harassment Plan and Modern Slavery Policy.

Furthermore, our training and incentive programs are designed to encourage employment longevity and career pathways.

This is demonstrated by our strong focus on equality and safety for women, with many within senior leadership roles.

Our goal is to help Close the Gap

The establishment of ACS Indigenous as a joint venture with ACS Property Services, was part of our vision for a more inclusive Australian community, and to help ‘Close the Gap’ through improving outcomes for First Nations People.

Built on the core pillars of Relationships, Respect and Opportunities, we focus on creating new employment, career and procurement opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, to actively improve their quality of life and economic circumstances.

As ACS Indigenous Director, Shaun Burgoyne says: “One of the reasons I decided to partner with ACS Property Services is because of an alignment on core values pertaining to social sustainability and the opportunities these values give First Nations people”


Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to a more sustainable environment is a core driver for our business, as we work closely with our clients to support them to reach their own sustainability targets and help lower their carbon footprint along with our own.

Through our ISO Accredited Environmental Management Systems, sustainable supply chain partners, waste management and auditing, and our use of green products and technologies, we continually seek out new and innovative ways to lessen our environmental impact for the future.

Sustaining long term client partnerships

We’re always striving to improve and evolve our business which at the end of the day benefits our clients.

One of the key reasons for many of our long-term partnerships, is these clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing they are partnering with a good corporate and social citizen. ACS is someone who can help them reach all of their ESG targets and be aligned with their own business values.

Our clients feel confident knowing ACS staff have all been recruited and treated professionally and ethically, which enhances a more positive working relationship, and adds to overall productivity and value.

Find out more at our ESG page and how ACS Property Services can benefit your business.

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