The right Property Services provider can offer real peace of mind

17 March 2022

When you choose a Property Services provider to partner with your company, the one thing you’re ultimately looking for is peace of mind. To know you can feel totally confident working with them, so you can relax and concentrate on optimising your own business success. But it’s worth considering that peace of mind on a business level can mean more than simply achieving profits or other strategic targets. What about your corporate social responsibilities?

More and more, businesses are looking at the profound impacts their actions can have on a social level, both internally and in the outside community.

What if you could make an important socially responsible statement for your business simply by choosing to work with the right Property Services provider?

Welcome to ACS Indigenous.

Get the best of both worlds with ACS Indigenous

At ACS Indigenous, a joint venture launched by ACS Property Services, we provide quality cleaning services for the commercial, government, education, healthcare and leisure sectors, while specifically focused on creating new employment and long-term career opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

So partnering with ACS Indigenous is one of those rare opportunities for you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Firstly, we can provide you with the highest quality cleaning services, with the assurance of operating alongside ACS Property Services, as a strong backbone of infrastructure support utilising ACS Property Services’ leading-edge systems. But just as importantly, you reap the ‘rewards’ of working with a company whose vision is to ‘close the gap’ by fostering long term prosperity for Indigenous Australians.

This is best summed up in the words of ACS Indigenous Director, AFL Legend and Proud Kokatha man, Shaun Burgoyne: “As a proud Indigenous man, I am pleased to be working with ACS Property Services, who share my vision, values and ambition to provide Indigenous people with stable employment and promising careers that will improve long term economic, health and social outcomes.”

By engaging ACS Indigenous, you are helping us work towards a vision for a better, more inclusive, and positive future for our community and our country.

ACS Indigenous core values are a core strength

At ACS Indigenous, we have set strong core values as a priority which we believe makes us an appealing partner for any business that values cultural diversity and connection.

We are a partner that encourages excellence, creativity and innovation and promises a sustainable cleaning solution that meets uncompromising environmental standards.
Guided by three core pillars of the Reconciliation Action Plan, our Indigenous Participation Plan is based on:

Relationships – working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to better understand and overcome the barriers they face and encourage meaningful long-term relationships.

Respect – creating mutual respect through sustainable, inclusive employment opportunities led by local Indigenous people, ultimately boosting self-esteem, economic security and health for the Indigenous community.

Opportunities – developing employment and management supply chain processes for First Australians. Our transparent and adaptive approach looks for future opportunities to build an innovative and sustainable future.

Shaun Burgoyne leads a strong team

Through our core values, ACS Indigenous has created a team under Shaun Burgoyne that is dedicated to delivering what we promise, which is the highest levels of service and always striving for improvement and innovation in what we offer.

Importantly we work alongside ACS Property Services and share their many strengths including a Triple Certification in ISO standards, a commitment to quality and innovation, sector-specific expertise and services that represent value for money.

If you partner with ACS Indigenous, you can be assured you’re working with someone who offers both a high level of quality cleaning services and is working for a better, more inclusive future for Indigenous Australians and the wider community. As Shaun says: ‘I want everyone to be part of this journey, and bring about a more inclusive community and country for all.”

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