Rethinking your approach to cleaning

15 November 2021

Ken Drake – ACS Property Services

As we look towards safely returning to workplaces, many organisations will need to rethink how they approach cleaning.

Before COVID-19 the majority of companies saw cleaning as a service best to be minimised, both in cost and resources.

COVID-19 has changed everything and cleaning is now being recognised as a critical service for organisations, employees and society as a whole.

It’s imperative that organisations engage quality, reputable and accountable cleaning services to help them through the challenging times ahead.

Seeking advice is important. Moving forward, there is a lot of uncertainty amongst the community about the requirements to get people back into the office.

I worked in the police force for 22 years, before studying business, and moving into the cleaning industry.

Ken pictured here with Paul Huf from Bellarine Community Health

Both professions require insight, a disciplined approach, rigorous attention to detail and at the end of the day, a desire to keep the community safe.

Providing a clean, safe and sanitary environment is not only imperative for your staff, clients and community, but if not done right could result in large fines and even criminal prosecution.

The new COVID economy will be confusing, so it’s crucial organisations engage experts, who can give credentialled independent advice – beware of self centred advice from sales people looking for quick profits.

At ACS our main aim is to improve the quality of cleaning services and standards within an organisation, so that it complies with all legal requirements and benefits the business and the community.

That’s why ACS is trusted by major-brand clients across Australia, which all realise that cleaning is a fundamental lynchpin in their overall business success.

Learn more here about our COVID-19 specialist cleaning services.

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