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27 January 2022

For many businesses, choosing who you work with for your cleaning and other property services probably isn’t top of mind.

Until recently, cleaning providers have been considered a service, rather than a trusted partner that can have a profound effect on your business.

As Damien Boulton, Business Growth Manager at ACS Property Services points out: ‘Beyond exceeding daily cleaning requirements, cleaning companies must now help an organisation deliver ongoing efficiencies, ensure staff wellbeing and help achieve corporate social responsibility goals.’

The reality is, the right Property Services provider can offer you a level of innovation, knowledge, skills and technologies, that not only helps you manage your business, but gives you the peace of mind to focus on your own objectives to elevate your business success.

How do you choose the right one?

So what are the key things that make a Property Service provider right for your business?

These can be many and varied depending on your business, how big you are and the industry you operate in.

There are however some key questions you can ask yourself before choosing a Property Services provider to partner with. Start by evaluating what’s important to you. Am I choosing a provider who:

  • Understands my business needs from the very start to provide a customer centric approach?
  • Is transparent to provide confidence they are delivering ongoing value?
  • Incorporates global insights and innovative technologies into their offer?
  • Can help our business decrease our own carbon footprint?
  • Is certified and offers industry best Covid safe practices?
  • Is experienced in our industry offering the type of services we require?
  • Is a good fit with our business culture and ethics?

There could be many other questions you could ask yourself, but this is a great place to start.

Find someone who gives you affirmative answers to what you consider important and you’ve significantly enhanced your chances of finding the right Property Services company to be your partner for the future.

ACS Property Services could be just what you’re looking for

At ACS Property Services, we take enormous pride in partnering with over 350 clients, offering them a customer centric ‘one team one family’ approach. Our strength as an organisation relies on strategic investment in training and the empowerment of our people to create a singularly focussed, motivated team ready to take on any challenge.

We believe it’s vitally important to dig deep to understand your business needs and goals, so we can then partner with you as a trusted advisor to provide elite level, cost efficient services and our expert knowledge and industry experience.

Combining sustainable technologies and a committed approach, we give you the reassurance of being triple certified for quality, environmental and workplace health, and safety in all our property services.

Sourcing global insights, our innovative, sustainable mindset and environmentally friendly cleaning methodologies enable us to reduce both our clients’ and our own carbon footprint.

We are also intensely proud of our vision to ‘Close the Gap’ providing career and procurement opportunities for Indigenous Australians, through ACS Indigenous, headed by former AFL champion and proud Kokatha man , Shaun Burgoyne.

Partnering with ACS Property Services can help your business handle the increasing burden of cleaning expectations and corporate social responsibilities, giving you the peace of mind to simply concentrate on your business, and optimise your own success.

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