Australia’s cleaners are critical for a COVID-safe economy

15 November 2021

Lewis Igini – ACS Property Services

The cleaning industry has been thrust on to the frontline in Australia’s fight against COVID-19.

Preventative cleaning and infectious control services are critical to preventing community infections and will prove increasingly crucial as businesses begin re-opening and the nation works to repair its battered economy.

It’s a task we as an industry are ready to meet – accountability, experience and innovation are key to ensuring we safeguard Australian organisations from crippling health and safety threats.

While we as a national industry have always seen cleaning as a critical business service, the wider public is now realising the same.

For employers, cleaning and infectious control services have moved from a basic procurement decision to a critical frontline service in safeguarding staff and business continuity.

And while the cleaning industry as a whole strives for excellence, just like in any field, the level of quality can vary significantly.

Cut price services, which lack experience, expertise and accountability, will no longer cut it for businesses seeking to operate in a COVID-safe economy.

Experienced, expert cleaners on the ground are pivotal – cleaning is a highly skilled trade, not a casual employment position.

Businesses will also need access to expert industry management advice – cleaning industry leaders, who can provide real time recommendations on services and strategies amid the rapidly evolving COVID-economy.

More broadly, Australia’s battle against COVID-19 is a joint effort between government, businesses and the general public.

We’ve seen what happens when Ill-equipped and inexperienced organisations are appointed to critical posts within this fight – leading to disastrous consequences for the hiring organisation and the community at large.

In regards to cleaning and infectious control services, smart organisations are now reassessing their suppliers within this new landscape.

Cleaning was once seen by many as ‘set and forget,’ with procuring the lowest price considered a job well done.

The myth that cleaning companies are separated by price only has now been abruptly dismantled.

Rapidly changing COVID-19 conditions mean companies must constantly monitor and reassess cleaning operations to protect their staff, the community and their business operations.

The Australian cleaning sector is regarded as a world leader, driven by key industry experts, combining years of on ground expertise, with the latest technological solutions.

As an industry we’re urging the community to work with us as we fight to overcome COVID-19 and help rebuild our nation’s economy.

Accountability, experience and innovation will be key.

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