A Property Services provider that’s well schooled in the Education sector

28 April 2022

If you work in Education, you may be on the lookout for a Property Services provider.

Someone that provides quality property services that are both transparent and accountable, so you have peace of mind without the noise.

Even better, a partner who is well-schooled in the needs of the Education sector, and has the scope and experience to deliver a range of cleaning, waste and hygiene services to suit your specific requirements.

A specialist team who not only can provide the day-to-day cleaning services during the term, without noise or distractions for your students and staff.

But also a team that is well prepared to be at their busiest, when you’re at your quietest over the Christmas break and in between terms.

Whether it be carpet steam cleaning, exterior window washing or treating your gymnasium floors, you need a Property Services provider with the ability and the ad hoc specialist personnel to provide such services all at the same time.

Because at the end of the day, you just want to return after the break with your school or tertiary institution feeling fresh and brand new again to ensure optimal learning environment for your students.

At ACS Property Services and ACS Indigenous, we pride ourselves on our track record of delivering the Education Sector with outstanding Property Services that are tailored to your Community’s needs and your budget.

We can think big and act small

At ACS Property Services and ASC Indigenous, we provide the benefits of having a very large Education footprint, partnering with around 70 schools and tertiary institutions, yet we maintain a primary focus on delivering a high level of personalised service to each and every one of our clients.

In short, we are a big business with a small business philosophy. A company with both the size to offer a suite of ‘must haves’ ensuring ethical and compliant services at all times, but always with a customer-centric focus.

We always listen to our clients and take an agile approach to adapting and evolving our services to suit their needs.

Beyond providing quality cleaning services, we are constantly looking for ways to support the greater communities of our Education clients.

We have a strong CSR Program in place, implementing a range of initiatives that best support our clients. These include providing an integrated service solution with our joint venture partner ACS Indigenous and implementing Tersano cleaning systems units to significantly reduce the use of chemicals across campuses.

As Lewis Igini, Managing Director ACS Property Services states: “We believe as business partners, it’s important we do that extra bit for our Education clients. For example, we offer work experience opportunities, introducing students to areas such as finance or IT, as well as support their co-curricular activities.”

24/7 accountability through your own portal

A key benefit of partnering with ACS Property Services or ACS Indigenous is your 24/7 access to our client portal. Providing transparency through audit reports and data capturing including time and attendance, the portal acts as a work order management system and a great communication tool for you and our onsite teams to provide rapid response when required such as vandalism or should a light need replacing.

This ensures everything we deliver to you as a client is totally transparent. For example, you’ll know which of your buildings have been cleaned, for how long and exactly what work has been done.

It means we can create tailored service solutions to suit your needs and then continually monitor them to ensure you are provided with ongoing value for money.

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Our promise is to deliver the highest quality cleaning services and an exceptional customer experience every day, from kindergartens to tertiary institutions.

This approach has resulted in a long list of very satisfied, long term clients in the Education sector, as we meet individual and community needs through tailored solutions in line with budgetary considerations.

To learn more about what ACS Property Services or ACS Indigenous can offer you, go to acspropertyservices.com.au

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